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Moody Drums

Moody Drums 12/14/16/22 W.A. Jarrah Stave Shell Pack


Story time! Moody Drums was launched in 2008 by Jim Moody. As an experienced player and a contemporary furniture designer/maker, Jim wanted to test his skills and have a crack at building his dream kits. He built a number of...
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Pearl Drums

Pearl Forum FZH 725 4 Piece Shell Pack


Our thoughts: Here we have a Pearl Forum 4 piece shell pack in a gloss black wrap. The shells are constructed under high heat and pressure for a uniform seam in the 6 ply poplar shells for uniform shell resonance. The...
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Yamaha Drums

Yamaha Stage Custom Mark II 2014 Natural Gloss


Our thoughts: Yamaha have always made killer kits and their midrange offerings pack a huge punch. The Mark II is the iteration Yamaha landed on in their '95-present evolution of the Stage Custom series after numerous adjustments to shell construction and hardware to hone...
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