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Moonshiners Premium Acoustic Guitar Strings


Moonshiners Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings True Bronze 92/8 Phosphor Bronze wrap Round wound Hard tempered hex core Light :: 12-5412 16 25w 32 42 54 Medium :: 13–5613 17 26w 36 46 56 MADE IN USA MOONSHINERS You know the feeling of getting...
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John Pearse

John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Strings

$22.00 +

John Pearse: "I've been fortunate in that I'm able to earn my living doing what I like best, making music--not just as a player but also designing and making instruments, strings, and accessories, too. In many ways I'm a perfectionist,...
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Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings


GREAT TONE THAT LASTSElixir Strings has the longest lasting tone compared to any string, coated or uncoated. Sounds great gig after gig. Session after session.CORROSION RESISTANCEWith featherweight coatings and anti-rust plating, our strings are protected against tone-killing debris and stand...
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RotoSound Acoustic Guitar Strings


JK12 :: Jumbo King :: 12-54 Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings: Phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings 12-16-24w-32w-44w-54w 6 string set CL3 :: Superia Pro :: Classical Guitar Strings: Grade 1 professional nylon strings Wound strings are silver plated copper with...
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Savarez 520 R Rectified Nylon Strings


THE TREBLES "Savarez came up with a solution to a problem which nobody had solved before: how to give guitarists the means to play in tune and to choose the ideal tension for strings and guitar to give of their best....
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