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Moonshiners Premium Electric Bass Strings Regular 45-105


Moonshiners Premium Electric Bass Strings Nickel plated steel wrap Round wound Hard tempered hex core Regular :: 45-105 45 65 85 105 MADE IN USA MOONSHINERS You know the feeling of getting your favourite jeans out of the wash? Crisp,...
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RotoSound Electric Bass Strings

$45.00 +

RB45 Long Scale Standard Gauge Bass Strings: Nickel on steel roundwound bass guitar strings Great all round BRIGHT tone RB45-5 Long Scale Standard Gauge 5-String Bass RB45 (45-65-85-105) RB45-5 (45-65-85-105-130) RotoSound: 'Hold your group together with RotoSound strings' - The Who Sell Out - 1967 "Legendary British...
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