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Moonshiners Premium Electric Guitar Strings


Moonshiners Nickel Wound Premium Guitar Strings  Nickel plated steel wrap Round wound Hard tempered hex core Light :: 10–4610 13 17p 26 36 46 Light Top Heavy Bottom :: 10–5210 13 17p 30 42 52 Medium :: 11–4911 15 18p...
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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings


Ernie Ball Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. The plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel producing a...
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Elixir Electric Guitar Strings


GREAT TONE THAT LASTSElixir Strings has the longest lasting tone compared to any string, coated or uncoated. Sounds great gig after gig. Session after session.CORROSION RESISTANCEWith featherweight coatings and anti-rust plating, our strings are protected against tone-killing debris and stand...
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John Pearse

John Pearse Electric Guitar Strings


John Pearse: "I've been fortunate in that I'm able to earn my living doing what I like best, making music--not just as a player but also designing and making instruments, strings, and accessories, too. In many ways I'm a perfectionist,...
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RotoSound Electric Guitar Strings

$15.00 +

R9 :: Roto Pinks :: Super Light 6 String Set: Nickel on steel electric guitar strings 9-11-16-24w-32w-42w Free extra 1st string R10 :: Roto Yellows :: Regular 6 String Set: Nickel on steel electric guitar strings 10-13-17-26w-36w-46w Free extra 1st...
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