Re-opening delayed!

Posted by Team Topshelf on

Hi friends,

Well, I sure hope your 2022 has kicked off more smoothly than ours! Due all our staff coming into contact with some confirmed COVID-19 cases through various circumstances outside the store, we're delaying our opening date until we all get some clear test results. We're hoping to reopen on Thursday January 6th, pending results and advice.

We will individually contact customers with orders awaiting local pickup later this week if we're not able to reopen by Thursday. Online orders will be shipped out by Thursday also; we'll get them all boxed up and shipped out as soon as we have some confirmed-clean hands to pack them.

At this stage we're closing for the next two days of our own volition as a precaution, we're not mandated to close. I understand there will be folks who will be disappointed by the delay, but I want to extend my gratitude to our awesome community of customers for both supporting this business but also helping keep our vulnerable people safe and well. 

So friends, stay safe and be excellent to each other! I'll be on my couch with the pictured Ibanez and ESP guitars trying to make sense of life in 2022.  :S


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