Est. September 2016

Topshelf Instruments

"Topshelf Instruments started in 2016 as a side-gig running out of my house, importing niche percussion products from USA and quality used guitars from Japan."

82 Collins Street, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Our Story

Topshelf Instruments exists to help you make music better. We love the feeling of having the perfect tool for the job, so we strive to match amazing instruments with passionate players to create that magic moment where everything just works. Instead of joining the ranks of stores pushing the latest thing, we search the world for used instruments of exceptional quality with both history and character.

Topshelf Instruments started in 2016 as a side-gig running out of my house, importing niche percussion products from USA and quality used guitars from Japan. Having previously worked in a more conventional guitar store, I was keen to explore the superior value and sustainability of selling used and vintage guitars. From the start, I wanted your experience as a customer to be awesome. The descriptions and photos of instruments should be clear and accurate, everything should arrive clean and playing brilliantly, shipping should be fast and easy, returns should be simple, any issues should be sorted quickly… no messing around. Things grew quickly, and in no time we were sending guitars, pedals and drum gear to a network of new friends and fellow enthusiasts across Australia and the world. My house began to feel a bit small and guitars were covering every surface, so in 2019 we opened our physical store in downtown Hobart. I wanted the store to be a great place to buy an instrument, but also a vibrant community space where everyone is welcome. So here we are, several years on: drinking too much coffee, telling tales and savouring the joy of playing music on the coolest gear we can find.

Meet the Team

Simon Grubb :: Founder & Owner

I’ve been playing the guitar since I was eight years old, and am also pretty handy on drums, bass and vocals. I grew up on punk, hardcore, emo and indie but spend plenty of time these days listening to soul, gospel, prog and folk. I’ve worked as a guitar tutor and in music retail but also spent several years working in the travel industry. My current musical projects include Deep Friars and Simon Says Lift Your Hands. I’ve got a brilliant wife, two hilarious children and enjoy reading, running, hiking, skateboarding and cooking. Day to day at the store, I write most of the instrument descriptions, do plenty of guitar setups and source all the stuff we buy and sell.

Luke Sanderson :: Drums, web & media guru

Luke joined the Topshelf circus basically at day dot in 2016. He looks after our website design, videography and photography. He’s an accomplished drummer and dabbles in audio design and other creative ventures. Luke’s projects are a rotating roster, but apart from a handful of concrete lineups, he's a session and stage gun-for-hire. He's also a father as of 2023, so remind him to make coffee next time you visit. We promise he needs it more than you.

Jamie Taylor :: Instrument Matchmaker

JT is our resident Scandinavian jazz goth. She does a large portion of the setup work on our guitars and restrings classicals like a boss. If your guitar plays great straight out of the box, you owe her a high five. She's a well-respected figure of Hobart's musical landscape and is the only one of us with any kind of qualification in music. Her current musical projects include Lazer Baby and Tai Harlii.

Steve Mason :: Instrument Matchmaker

Steve's the newest recruit here at Topshelf, as every castle needs a resident shred-lord and Floyd Rose expert. Steve knows his way around the modern shred end of gear better than the rest of us, and he can tell you in 7 seconds flat why your Helix is ruining your tone and it's because you need guitar lessons. Steve also plays with local tech-death warriors, The Absolution Sequence, lovingly dubbed The No-cab-solution Sequence, owing to their mastery of cab sim tones and lightweight tour rigs assembled by none other than the man himself. Sorry, Steve, we promise to get a better photo of you for the website soon.