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Trades & Consignments

We’re all about helping you get the perfect gear into your hands, and sometimes that means parting with the stuff that’s not quite right for you. As such, we offer trade-ins, and sometimes will buy your gear outright if you’re looking to sell. If you’ve got some tasty gear you’re looking to part with, we’re here to help. We sell items on consignment regularly and have helped a whole bunch of folks find new homes for their treasures.

Below you'll find information on how trades and consignments work with us as well as a form to tell us all about what you're looking to move. Have a read and reach out if you'd like to work with us.

For all trade or selling enquires, please fill in the form below. If you have any trouble with the form or want to provide more details or pictures, you can email

A few things to note regarding trades and selling:
* We’re not interested in buying everything. As a niche, online retailer, we tend to stick to a few categories: used guitars, basses and pedals and drum gear. You can always ask, but if you’re selling a grand piano or a nose-flute, it’s going to be a ‘no thanks’!
* We prefer not to deal in items below certain price and quality thresholds. For example, we generally don’t pursue guitars in the under $500A price bracket as it’s just not viable within our currently business framework.
* You’ll clear more money, generally speaking, if you sell your gear privately. We aim to pay 20-50% under the used market value of items so we’re able to make a sustainable margin and keep this whole show going. The longer something is likely to hang around between when we buy and sell it, the more margin we need to make the transaction viable. But, if you sell to us, you don’t have to deal with lowballers, time-wasters, freight hassles and all those other delights you might be familiar with.
* We can arrange inbound freight on items you’re selling outside of Hobart. We’ll pay out on items once they’re safely reach the store. Because we send a lot of freight, we can often offer a more competitive price than you might get dealing directly with a freight company, so hit us up for a rate.
* We don’t do trades or cash buys from customers outside Australia at this stage.
* Sales to us either in-store or interstate are usually paid out within 7 days, but can take a little longer in the case of an admin backlog. At any point, prior to pay out, you may change your mind and recollect your gear with prior notice.

* We charge a 25% commission on all consignment sales.
* We will cover transaction fees charged by payment providers or sales platforms like Reverb from our end, unless otherwise negotiated.
* All consignment items will list on our website and Reverb store, offering a significant global reach, as well as going on display in our Hobart store.
* We’re able to offer insured shipping globally on all consignment items, the same as our regular stock.
* The consignee is liable to pay any costs involved in bringing the item up to a sellable standard.
* The consignee is liable to pay any shipping costs involved in store acquisition, return to the consignee, or to and from specialist repairers in line with the previous term.
* Consignments are paid out within 7 days of receipt by the buyer.
* We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a consignment agreement without notice. We will pay return freight to the consignee in the case of a store instigated termination.

Expression of Interest

Got something you're looking to part with? Whether you're wanting to trade or just cull your collection a bit, we're always interested in what's kicking about. Use this simple form to easily get in touch with us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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