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Rickenbacker 360 Jetglo 2005


Ric 360, Jetglo, made in USA 2005. These don't pop up very often around these parts, so it's always a treat to put one on the shop wall. The Ric 360 is an evergreen swagger machine: it's gotta be one...
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VG KTR-ES CST Olive Green 2017


VG KTR-ES, olive green, made in Japan 2017. VG is the 'other half' of the Crews Maniac Sound brand, covering acoustic guitars as well as semi-acoustic models like this absolute stunner. They're built in very limited runs by the famed...
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Fender Made In Japan Traditional 70s Telecaster Thinline Natural 2019


Fender MIJ Traditional 70s Tele Thinline, natural gloss, made in Japan 2019. These seldom last long around here, they're a model a lot of us have a soft spot for. This is almost new, there's barely a mark on it...
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