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Gretsch 6122 Country Classic II Walnut 1996


Gretsch 6122 Country Classic, walnut stain, made in Japan in 1996. The Country Classic II is the 90s-era version of the classic Country Gentleman, which launched in 1957 as a signature model for legendary twangmiester Chet Atkins. The 6122 Gent...
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Duesenberg Starplayer TV Silver Sparkle 2000


Duesenberg Starplayer TV, silver sparkle, made in Germany in 2000. It's fair to say this one turns a few heads... it looks amazing. This is a pretty early example of Duesenberg's iconic Starplayer TV, so it's got the first version...
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VG KTR-ES STD Ice Tea Burst 2016


VG KTR-ES STD, iced tea burst, made in Japan 2016. VG is the 'other half' of the Crews Maniac Sound brand, covering acoustic guitars as well as semi-acoustic models like this absolute stunner. They're built in very limited runs by...
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Yamaha SA1800 Semi Hollow Brown Sunburst 1983


Yamaha SA1800 Super Axe, sunburst, made in Japan 1983. I'm a huge fan of these Super Axe guitars, they're such magnificent beasts. We've had plenty of SA700 examples through the shop, and a fair few SA1000s too, but this is...
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Yamaha SA700 Super Axe Persimmon Red 1978


Yamaha SA700, red, made in Japan 1978. These Super Axe guitars are so lush, I'm a big fan. This particular iteration were made from 1977-82 or so, and they're pretty close to a Gibson ES-335 but with slightly pointier horns...
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Burny RSA-60 Semi-Hollow Sunburst 2006


Burny RSA-60 335-style, made in Taiwan 2006, tobacco sunburst. Burny is a division of Fernandes guitars, mostly doing Gibson style stuff sold domestically within Japan. This is a mid-00s example, when they had moved production offshore, but as is often...
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