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Solar Guitars

Solar Guitars V2.7C Carbon Black Matte 2020


Solar V2.7C, blacker than the blackest black times infinity, made in Indonesia 2020. Solar Guitars have made a big splash in the metal guitars market in a short time. This is a great example of why: it's a great piece of...
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Ibanez Paul Gilbert Model PGM30 Purple 1999


Ibanez PGM30 Paul Gilbert Model, purple, made in Japan 1999. Paul Gilbert made his name playing with 1980s rifflords Mr Big; his resume is long and impressive. He's also had a number of cool signature model guitars over the years,...
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Tokai Super Edition FSD-65 'Five Star' Red Sparkle Fade 1985


Tokai FSD-65 Five Star, red sparkle fade, made in Japan circa 1985. Here we have the perfect guitar for all those subtle smooth jazz gigs you've been doing... you're welcome! Well, maybe not actually. This could only ever have been...
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