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Fender Japan '57 Precision Bass PB57-70 Sunburst JV Serial 1982


Fender '57 Precision, JV serial example made in June 1982, two tone sunburst. The JV serial instruments were the first Fender branded instruments made outside USA, built to an incredible standard by the famed Fujigen Gakki plant in Japan. Fender had increasing...
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Fender Classic 50s Precision Bass Honey Blonde 2012


Fender Classic Series 50s P, honey blonde, made in Mexico 2012. The Classic Series was Fender's tastiest and priciest options made in Mexico in their day, and since being discontinued a couple of years back the used price on them...
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Yamaha BB800 Broad Bass Black 1978

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Yamaha BB800 Broad Bass, made in Japan 1978, gloss black. The Broad Bass line debuted in 1977, so this is a pretty early example. The shape is similar to P Bass, but with pointier horns like a Gibson, a funky...
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Cool Z ZPB-1R Snow White 2009


Cool Z ZPB-1R, snow white, made in Japan 2009.  Here's another little hidden gem for you! Cool Z is a house brand for major Japanese instrument chain Shimamura, who have stores all over Japan. They're made at the legendary Fujigen Gakki plant,...
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