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Warwick Pro Series Star Bass Black 2011


Warwick Pro Series Star Bass, black, made in Korea 2011. I'm a big fan of these basses, they're so cool. The first take on the Pro Series was made in Korea, and was Warwick's first take at making a pro-quality instrument...
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Burny Swanky Spider PEB-65 Pale Pink 2008


Burny Swanky Spider PEB-65, pale pink, made in Taiwan 2008. These Swanky Spider models are such cool instruments, it's a bit mysterious exactly how they came to exist, but whatever happened: I'm a fan. This is the EB/SG bass model...
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Epiphone Viola Bass Vintage Sunburst 2019


Epiphone Viola, made in China 2019, vintage sunburst. This is a really fun little bass. Taking it's queues from the classic 1960s Hofner Violin Bass, or 'Beatle Bass', it's got a pair of mini-humbuckers and a hollow maple body. It's lightweight,...
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Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3V Walnut Stain


Jackson JS3V Spectra Bass, made in Indo 2020, walnut stain. This slick riffstick is a recent offering from Jackson, made in the same factory as the high end Squier stuff, among many others. It's definitely geared towards the djuggier end...
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