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Boss MS-3 Multi-FX Switcher


This is a cool idea, and as per usual with Boss, it's well-executed. There's 100+ effects built-in, so you can build yourself patches running up to six of the internal effetcs at once. Then, there's three separate send and return...
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Zoom MS-50G Multistomp Pedal


100 effects, 1 pedal. Aw snap. It's surprisingly simple to get a hang of the controls, you can create up to 50 of your own patches with ease. Has tap-tempo function as well as stereo output. Rumour has it, that if you activate...
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Digitech RP155 Modeling Guitar Processor Pedal


This does a lot of tricks. You can program a stack of different combos and recall them, plus it models a bunch of amps etc. It's a nice little start into the world of effects if you want to dip...
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