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We’re now offering a LAY-BY payment plan on items over $100. This is a great way to buy gear without working your credit card too hard! If you want to lay-by an item, you can get in touch with the details and we’ll send you a lay-by invoice; more on that later. Here’s the basic rundown:

25% deposit
Fortnightly payments
2 months to pay
Ships when paid in full

Here’s a few notes on the above to clarify the process.

DEPOSIT: we require 25% to secure the item, upon receiving your details and a receipt for the deposit, we’ll place the item on hold for you.

PAYMENTS: Lay-by payments can be made via either bank transfer or PayPal. You don;t need to send the same amount through every fortnight, so long as you send something through to keep your lay-by moving. All details required to make payments will be in your lay-by invoice.

2 MONTHS: Once you’v made your deposit, final payment is due two months from the original lay-by date. We aren’t able to offer longer payment terms sorry; in order to keep a healthy cashflow two months is the maximum time on offer.

SHIPPING: We’ll add any relevant shipping costs onto your lay-by invoice. As soon as you’ve paid the full balance, we’ll send your new gear out to you!

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: lay-by is still available; but you can only make payments via PayPal. For a shipping quote, either send us an email or jump on our Reverb store which has rates for most items on display.

CANCELLATION FEES: we charge a 10% restocking fee if you cancel your lay-by. The fee is usable as store credit for up to three months from the date of cancellation. Any other payments made will be refunded to you.

MULTIPLE ITEMS: if you want to lay-by several items, that’s fine. We can send them out as you pay them off if you’re happy to cover the additional shipping costs involved doing so.

Just send an email to with the following info:
* full name
* delivery address
* phone and email contact
* item you wish to buy
Once we have all that info, you’ll receive an invoice via email, and once you send a receipt for the deposit, your item is on hold awaiting final payment. Easy!

We also offer Afterpay via the checkout on our website. Please note that Afterpay is a third party service that imposes their own credit limits depending on your history with them; returning users can be approved for up to $1000aud but new users are generally limited to under $400.

As always, feel free to get in touch is you have any questions.


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