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Freshen up your axe with a new set of strings, it deserves it. Moonshiners are our house brand, which are made with care in the U.S.A.

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You know the feeling of getting your favourite jeans out of the wash? Crisp, fresh, seems to fit just right again, it’s the feeling of an old favourite being made new. If your butt deserves that kind of love, surely your instrument does as well?  Moonshiners are the high-proof string that will bring that old favourite back to life. Deep in lake country USA, meticulous hands use world-class winding techniques to create quality strings with exceptional flavour. You can expect supreme tuning stability, perfect consistency and a zesty, rich tone with a finish that lingers well beyond expectation. Join a rowdy crew of misfits and give your tone a healthy dose of the good stuff. 

Moonshiners Guitar Strings