(SOLD) Fender Japan '69 Reissue Mustang MG69-65 Aged Sonic Blue 1994

Fender '69 Reissue Mustang, heavily yellowed sonic blue, made in Japan 1994/5. This is a perfect example of why Mustangs are so loveable: slinky short scale ease of play, super slim neck, lightweight balanced body, cheeky little trem. It all adds up to a delightfully easy player; it's a vibrant and charismatic little party machine. The tone is spanky and thick; darker and warmer than a Strat but with the characteristic Mustang short sustain and wobbly attack. The finish... well, it's seen some things. It rolled out of the factory a crisp sonic blue, but the years and play have seen it yellow to a sweet seafoam-esque green. It's uneven in colour, smattered with dings and scuffs and generally radiates legit-relic coolness. These Fujigen-era Mustangs are brilliant players and rarely hang around long; so grab this and a wall-mount and hang it in your loungeroom where it belongs. 

Model: Fender Mustang, '69 Reissue (MG69-65)
Made: Japan 1994-5, Fujigen plant (serial S033148)
Finish: sonic blue, 3-ply red tort guard
Body: basswood
Weight: 3.060kg
Neck: maple with rosewood board, 24" scale, 7.25" radius
Mods: one slider switch replaced
Pickups: Fender Japan MG Vintage single coils
Case: none

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. Headstock has a some dimples on teh end, back and top and bottom edges. The neck is pretty clean and smooth in the hands, just a few minor dimples on the back and on the top edge around the 14tgh fret. The back has some widespread minor scuffs and scratches, the whole thing is lightly marked. The sides have a few marks: minor dimples on both horns, some scuffs and scratches on the shoulder around to the knobs. The front ha a few marks: some dimples, scuffs and play wear on the guard an top horn, there's a group of dents stretching from the shoulder down to the knobs as well as some fade marks from removed stickers. Overall: good condition (6.5/10).

Playing condition notes: Action is low, intonation is good, neck is straight, truss rod works. All electrics tested and working properly. Frets have some normal wear, they're pretty even with no major buzz issues but there is the start of some minor pitting, 6/10 for life left. Wearing fresh 11/49s.

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