Fender Japan Jaguar HH Custom Made Sunburst 1994/5

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Fender Jaguar, made in Japan, with the Kurt Cobain treatment on the wiring. This is a really nicely built Jap offset. It's nicely balanced and the neck is very comfortable. The passive Dimarzio humbuckers add attitude and plenty of output; they sound especially good together. It's got a lot of scratches and dings and definitely has that 'played-in' feel... it's nice to have a guitar with a few shows under it's belt and the scars to show it. This is a proper machine with a killer tone, if you're in a sweaty, noisy band, pull the trigger on this one and up your swagger level.

Manufacturer: Fender
Model: Jaguar '66 reissue (JG66)
Year: 1993-94
Made in: Japan
Finish: 3-tone sunburst, 3-ply tortoiseshell guard
Body: Alder
Neck: maple with rosewood board, dot inlays
Mods: Replaced pickups, tone wheels bypassed, three way switch and series/parallel switch (Kurt Cobain style electronics), tune-o-matic bridge
Neck pickup: Dimarzio PAF Pro
Bridge pickup: Dimarzio Super Distortion

Cosmetic condition notes: Some proper finish wear. Lots of scratches and wear on the headstock, six or seven big chips in the back, several more dents and scratches on the 'buckle-rash' part of the back, more chips on the bottom and top, plenty of scratches on the guard, a few dings on the front. Ships with a handy Gibson gig bag.

Playing condition notes: Action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good. There's some fret wear including minor pitting, but it'll be a while before it requires a full fret dress. All electrics tested and working properly (note the mods listed). Recently been through a Topshelf setup with Ernie Ball 11/48 nickel strings. Feels awesome, the neck is very comfortable and riffs come out almost by themselves.

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