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Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal
Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal
Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal
Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal

Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal

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Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz Pedal

This is a bit of a mystery. From the limited info I can find, Fret-Ware offered pedals hand-made in England in the 90s on a built-to-order basis. There doesn't seem to be any connection to the English brand Sound City that produced an iconic fuzz-wah a couple of decades earlier. It's a fun fuzz though! The soft-hard control allows to dial a Big Muff-ish wall of sound type tone when dimed; it's almost square-wave in character on that setting. Or, you can wind it right back to get a loose, lo-fi bluesy fuzz that works well on lower gain settings. It sounds really convincing, I really enjoy it. Plus, it looks like something out of Street Fighter II.

Model: Fret-Ware Soundcity Fuzz
Made: England, mid 1990s
Type: fuzz
Power: standard 9v DC negative supply (not included)
Switching: true bypass
Equivalent new street price (approx): n/a
Mods: none
Accessories: no box or manual
Condition notes: used, no major marks, fully functional. Overall: very good condition

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