(SOLD) Fulltone OCD Drive Pedal v1

Fulltone OCD, later v1 with the HP/LP switch. These are one of the most famous and popular ODs in the world, and rightly so. It's very transparent and really lets your tone shine through. The 'Low Peak' mode is designed to be very transparent, the 'High Peak' mode adds a bit more colour and bite. This is a handy go-to main overdrive, it'll sit very well in heaps of different situations.

Model: Fulltone OCD v1
Made in: USA
Type: overdrive, transparent
Power: regular 9v supply
Equivalent new street price (approx): $245
Mods: velcro attached
Accessories: original box and manual
Condition notes: great condition with no noticeable scratches etc

Here's a good video demo if that helps!

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