(SOLD) Maxon PT-909 Phase Tone Pedal 1980

Maxon PT-909 Phase Tone Pedal 1980

This model of phaser popped up in 1978 and was made in this format for a couple of short years. The three knob setup gives you heaps of scope to dial in what you're after. The feedback control sends the signal back through the effect for another round; very cool. There's a few orange vintage phasers around, this one is definitely one of the best sounding options in the genre.

Model: Maxon PT-909 Phase Tone
Made: Japan, 1980 approx (serial 127576)
Type: phaser
Power: standard 9v negative supply or 9v battery (not included)
Switching: buffered bypass
Equivalent new street price (approx): n/a
Mods: none
Accessories: no box or manual
Condition notes: used, no major marks, very good condition

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