(SOLD) Partscaster ST-style Relic Fiesta Red c2016

Partscaster ST-style Relic Fiesta Red c2016

Partscaster Strat, fiesta red relic, made around 2016. This little guy has some quality guts and plays really nicely. The neck is a slick modern C profile by Mighty Mite, attached onto a generic but reasonable quality body. The hardware is sturdy, including some genuine Fender tuners, and the pickups are a tasty slightly overwound set by Nico's Vintage. The tone lends itself well to SRV-style blues playing; there's a sweet balanced growl and chime. The relic red finish won't be to everyone's taste, but it's tastefully done and definitely has a cool aesthetic. Quirky, but fun.

Model: Custom assembled 'partscaster'
Made: China, Mighty Mite neck 2016 approx, generic body around same time
Finish: relic fiesta red satin
Body: generic ST-style, species not confirmed but likely to be basswood
Neck: Mighty Mite Fender licensed neck, rock maple, modern-C profile, jumbo frets, 25.5" scale, 12" radius
Mods: n/a
Pickup: Nico's Vintage '59 Strat set (details here)
Case: none

Cosmetic condition notes: relic finish wear. Headstock and neck pretty clean, minor scuffing only. As shown in the pics, the body is a 'relic' style finish, so there's rub wear, chips and dimples and plenty on wood on show under the paint all over the body. Overall: good condition (7/10).

Playing condition notes: Neck is straight, action is low, intonation is good. Frets have very little wear, 8.5/10 for life left. All electronics tested and working properly. Setup with fresh 10/46 strings.

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