(SOLD) Tomkat Violet Muffer

Tomkat Violet Muffer

Big ol' fuzz with plenty of sass. Awesome for guitar or bass, this guy does the classic muff thing. Super nice and middy tones that will cut through any mix. Turn the tone knob to the left for deep, wobbly bottoms - or to the right, for snarling, crunchy high fuzz chainsaws.

Model: Tomkat Pedals Violet Muffer
Made: Brooklyn, N.Y
Type: fuzz
Power: standard 9v power supply
Draw: 20mA approx 
Equivalent new street price (approx): $299 when available (limited production)
Mods: velcro attached
Accessories: none
Condition notes: used, no major marks, very good condition


Level: overall volume of the the pedal.
Sustain: amount of fuzz. goes from dirty to distortion.
Tone: classic m-ff tone knob here. lows left, highs right.
Lift: in the down position the circuit is normal. In the up position the first pair of clipping diodes are taken out of the circuit. Keeps its beautiful fuzzy distortion but gains some ballzy, beefier low end.

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