Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal
Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal
Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal
Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal

Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal

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This is a very powerful reverb. You can do some normal stuff, like a tidy hall reverb, and you can do some really wacky, spacey, enormous stuff too. The shimmer mode and octave controls are awesome, there really is so much to play with. You'll be making your own ambient prog in no time.

Model: Walrus Descent Reverb/Octave Machine
Made: USA, 2015
Type: multi-mode reverb
Power: standard 9v negative supply
Switching: true bypass
Draw: 140mA approx
Equivalent new street price (approx): $429aud
Mods: none
Accessories: no box or manual
Condition notes: used, few minor marks, excellent condition

(this is a very basic rundown, have a look at the manual)
Dry mix: dry signal fed into the output
Reverb time: length of the tails
Diminish: changes the shape of the reverb from a flat-wall tone to a diffused tone
Tweak: dial in a high pass filter on the tails
Wet mix: at 12'oclock, you're hearing 50-50 mix of wet and dry, mix from there
Dry signal: for the +/- octave reverberations, this controls the original dry signal
-1: sub octave reverb level
+1: higher octave reverb levels
Toggle: switch between hall, reverse and shimmer modes; note that the octave function works with all three
Preset: you can save up to three presets and cycle through them with this switch

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