Let's stand together :: 2020

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Firstly, a huge thanks to the many customers and friends who've supported Topshelf through the last few months. I'm stoked to be open again and extremely appreciative to everyone who makes this place possible. 2020... what a year!

Recent events in USA have shocked, perplexed, disgusted and shaken myself and many others. The senseless deaths of George Floyd and far too many others are absolutely cause for outrage, and hopefully, sparks for real change for the better. Meanwhile, Australia has it's own crisis. We too are a nation founded on injustice; our soil is stained with the blood of the First Nations people to whom this land still rightfully belongs. At age 15, giddy on punk rock and skateboarding and extremely naive, I took a bus trip from my home in Launceston in Tasmania to Uluru in Northern Territory; one of Australia's most recognisable landmarks and a spiritually significant place for the First Nations community. The journey involved a week of ten hour bus rides through the endless empty plains; along the way and at the destination we were accommodated and educated by some beautiful indigenous folk. I was amazed by their indefinitely sustainable approach to living on the land, the beauty of their stories and music and the gentle stoicism in the face of incredible systematic historical oppression. Indigenous Australians are thirteen times more likely to be incarcerated than the general population. Over 400 Indigenous Australians have died in custody since the 1991 royal commission... a staggering number. As a nation, we have a lot to answer for.

Topshelf is a pretty tiny business in the scheme of things, but it's clear that this is no time to do nothing. We all have to do better. So, in honour of the weirdest year this century, here's what we're gonna do for the month of June: for every guitar and effects pedal we sell this month, we'll donate $20.20 to Change The Record. These guys do amazing work, aiming to reduce incarceration and violence rates by working with communities for long-term and prevention-focuses outcomes.

If you want to want get on board too, you can. We're still running free freight within Australia on everything for this month; using the code 2020 at checkout. However, if you choose, you can opt NOT to use the free freight discount via this code, and we will donate the full shipping charge (usually $39.50 on a guitar, for example) to Change The Record on your behalf, alongside the $20.20 we have already pledged to donate. 

I understand there's a million other causes worthy of donations, especially organisations working for justice in USA. I understand that a social media post and a donation is in many ways a 'cheap' thing; real change takes time and huge deliberate effort. I want Topshelf to be a place that's radically inclusive, builds people up and makes the future brighter. We've got to take responsibility for our own backyard.

Peace to you all!

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