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Maxon OD808X Extreme Overdrive Pedal

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Maxon OD808X Extreme Overdrive Pedal

Maxon invented the Tube Screamer, so they've got a good pedigree in the genre. A lot of love and care goes into these, so it's good good guts and is well executed. That corresponds to a certain richness and warmth not always on offer with TS style pedals... it just feels right. Plus, there's heaps of gain range and a thick juicy low end on tap. Perhaps the best little green overdrive pedal is actually red? Oh the controversy.

Model: Maxon OD808X Extreme Overdrive
Made: Japan, recent model
Serial: obscured
Type: overdrive
Power: standard 9v DC negative power supply (not included)
Equivalent new street price (approx): $2479
Mods: none
Accessories: none

Condition notes: used, no major marks. Tested and fully functional.
Overall: very good condition (8/10)

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